Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New Year's project

Dad will be proud!!  One of our projects when he was here in the fall was to re-do the boys' room closet in preparation for Sedric joining James in there (later this year, maybe even this spring).  I sketched out what I wanted and Marcus trekked to Home Depot to buy the supplies.  He did a fantastic job!
before: just a plain closet that held James' clothes
James was a big help as you can see (playing Legos)
Since the boys' room only holds James right now, it does double-duty as our music room, and also holds the kids' dress-up clothes.  This arrangement will probably change sometime this year...already we moved the piano downstairs and we've liked that improvement.  We'll need a "real" dresser for the boys, to replace the plastic one we've been using in the closet.  I do like how the room is partitioned in half, to make a defined space for the multiplying Legos, which don't even fit in the bin anymore.  To the left (next to the closet) there is a desk area that could be used better as well.  Baby steps....
the finished product!  This new system has
been up for about 1.5 months now, and it
has been fantastic!
my hunky handiman


  1. Dad says "Good job Marcus!!"
    It really looks nice.

  2. What a WONDERFUL husband!! It would take my dad WEEKS to do something like that!!! :)