Saturday, February 15, 2014

Fun in the Snow

As you can imagine, the kids had SO MUCH FUN last weekend with all the snow!!!
(Amy would like this ruler, from the State Fair.)
venturing out to check road conditions and
get the empty garbage can,  Saturday morning
snowy view from our front walk

snow angel Bunny
The kids explored outside all morning, then in the afternoon
they did some serious sledding down the hill behind our house:

view from James' room...see the kids and Marcus in the background? 
They spent HOURS out there.  The snow was
pretty powdery and not great for sledding, but
what do we know?  We only get snow like this
once every 5 years!
Bunny making a snowman, Mariposa playing "lynx."   Marcus
moved the Pilot into the garage to chain it up for Mass, so the
van was moved out into the frozen tundra.
More "lynx."  Mariposa and Gemma crawled
around, snarled and hissed at each other, and
pretended to eat their kill (snow).  My kids
are so, um, "imaginative".... ;o)


  1. Welcome to our world. Seriously, that's a lot of snow! Did you get the ice storm that followed? Did you lose power.

  2. We did get a small ice storm.

    Bunny =:]

  3. Your home is just beautiful! The snow is gorgeous and the sledding looked like a BLAST!!!

  4. Looks beautiful! hopefully that all melts before we come out.