Sunday, February 2, 2014

Birthday Season is in full swing!

Well, birthday season is most definitely in full swing.  The (local) season starts slow, with Marcus' birthday in August.  Then three in September--Bunny, grammae, and Emmett--and  just me in October.  Shane and Aidan at the end of November, then Nicole and Mariposa in December.  And BAM five local birthdays in January (papa, Gemma, James, Auntie Meghan and Uncle Brian) and 2 more in early February (girl cousins).  Busy!!!  With each of these birthdays comes a birthday PARTY so our social calendar is very full.  Sometimes we do double-up parties though.  Then it slows down to once a month in March, May, and June, and none in April or July as of yet. are pics from Mariposa's birthday parties....
grandma and grandpa had her open her presents before they
left for Ohio on 12/26
Actual birthday on 12/27, and a party with
just the 7 of us.
Our kids get three presents: something they need, something
they want, and something we think they'd like.  The dessert
is usually simple and store-bought, which is a treat for the
kids (they don't usually get such confections) and for mom
(no baking required!).
Birthday party with family was a brunch the next Sunday
after 8:30am Mass.  Marcus made omelets, yum!
The adults ate in peace and quiet...
...while the kids watched Hotel Transylvania
in the TV room!
chow time for cousins
Singing Happy Birthday (dessert was homemade cinnamon rolls)
lots of gifts, so spoiled
No party would be complete without an attack on Uncle Brian.


  1. Glad she had such a happy day! It goes so quickly, doesn't it? As a child, the BIG treat was a fancy cake that my mom purchased. Lucky for us, the "cake lady" was one of my mom's dear friends so she really made some fancy ones for us. I treasured those cakes because, like your kids and mine, that was rare indulgence :)

  2. I like the attack Uncle Brian part!! :D

  3. Wow! Sounds like a lot of birthday fun!