Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Mariposa's 8th Birthday

Happy Birthday, Mariposa!

My little Butterfly turned 8 at the end of December.  Yes, that is how behind I still am with my blogging.

On her actual birthday she asked for Chicken Enchiladas for dinner and Oreo Ice Cream Pie for dessert.  She opened gifts from us and from any relatives who sent her something.

After Christmas, we add PINK holiday decorations to signal
a slight change in seasons.
"Something She Needs" (math game)
"Something We Think She Would Like"
(she got dance clothes for "Something She Wants")
The next day after Mass we had everyone over for brunch:

We feed the kids first then send them away, so
that we can have a nice adult meal.
Kids still occupied--adults still enjoying their time.  :o)

Present time!  Chaos!!

Finally time for the warm cinnamon rolls to come out.
Papa taking a little snoozer
(he wasn't the only one)

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