Tuesday, February 3, 2015

music at Avamere

Our wonderful music teacher, Joan E., arranged for her students to play for the Alzheimer's residents at Avamere:

It was a great experience.  Personally I've always liked "retirement" or elder-care homes, especially after a "Theology and Community Service" class in college.  I was the only one who ~preferred~ to work with the elderly, over opportunities to work with kids!  Luckily my children, I think, have inherited my love for the elderly as well.  They were "warned" that in this ward, the residents might yell out or make incoherent comments, and so when some did, the kids were prepared.  They were fantastic and very patient with their audience.

It was special for me to share Celeste with these residents as well, since I imagine most of them have not seen or held a baby in a very long time.  :o)  

Afterwards, the kids were treated to a special lunch at Sweet Tomatoes:

some of my talented, generous kids


  1. What a great community service project, I'm sure the residents really enjoyed it! Tell the kids that when I am that old, I really hope that some kids (maybe even their kids??) come and play music to me and talk to me when I'm in a retirement home :-)

  2. What a wonderful thing for our kids to do. I'm so proud of each of you!