Monday, February 23, 2015

Tropical Breezes

Perhaps some of you have been wondering where I have been....

I was in Aruba!!

Marcus once again qualified for his company's annual sales incentive trip.  His group (existing customers-North America) brought in over half of the company's revenue.  Not bad!  The incentive trip was in Aruba this year, so we booked some great babysitters (my parents), packed our sunscreen, and were on our way!

The Ritz-Carlton Resort in Aruba was very nice.  :o)  Marcus, Celeste, and I had a relaxing 4 days there, soaking up the sun and eating too much food.  A highlight was going to Mass in the native Papiamento language.  I'll blog about it soon.
naked baby in the Caribbean Sea

We were all set to leave Aruba and head home on Sunday afternoon...and we did just that.  But we got stuck in Miami when our Dallas connection was cancelled because of a huge ice storm.  So tonight I type this from a Miami Marriott.  We leave tomorrow morning on a rescheduled flight first to Phoenix then back to home.  We'll arrive home a day and a half later than scheduled :o( and I am very bummed to miss so much time with my parents.  But we wanted to make the most of our day in Miami, so after moping for a few hours we went to a beautiful museum/garden and had a great afternoon.
at Viscaya Museum and Gardens
I had a fantastic time this past week with my husband and littlest one, but it is most certainly time to go home.  Just 24 hours to go....


  1. That is WONDERFUL that you had the opportunity and congrats to Marcus on that sales accomplishment!!

    So, some of the school districts are already canceling for tomorrow, but the Hughes Academy classes continue on ;) I just remind them that we will get out earlier than the others come May!

  2. Celeste doesn't look too happy about the water. Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  3. How great for little Celeste to have so much time with you and Marcus!! I'm sure she enjoyed it. And don't worry, the other kids are probably having SO MUCH fun with Grandma and Grandpa! (though I'm sure Gma and Gpa could probably use a nap! Hahah)

  4. Tell us more about the trip. Mentioned to Brian that I would like to go on a cruise for our 25th anniversary. He wasn't so sure how I would do in the middle of the ocean. Maybe an inclusive trip to Aruba would be good!