Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Party Food

Mariposa is such a sweetheart, she wanted to help me make all her birthday food:

CrockPot Chicken Enchiladas, her favorite
(this was for her actual birthday, on a Saturday)
Kneading the dough for her cinnamon rolls
for her party the next day (Sunday brunch)

All ready to put in the fridge for the next
day!!!  (we made a 2nd pan, plus some end
pieces for snacking)


  1. so sweet of her to make her own food! she's a good girl. what is your cinamon roll recipe? Pioneer woman?

  2. Yes, Mariposa is fantastic. She is our "Pioneer Gal." The recipe is "Nicki's Cinnamon Buns from Heaven" (google it). Great recipe, try it! :o) Becky