Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Fun with Friends

We like playdates!  Thursdays are best for us because of our schooling schedule.  One Thursday last month we had friends over in the morning and we drove up to Washington in the afternoon.  It was a great day!

First, Lisa and her family came over in the morning.  William wanted to look for garter snakes on our property.  :o)  As you can imagine, my older kids were more than willing to hunt with him!!
The younger kids stayed back.  We first went
to go visit the neighbor's lambs.

Next, some sport-court time.
Isn't Katherine the cutest thing ever??????

Katherine and Sedric are close in age.  A few months ago
they didn't play well together, but now they are fine.
What a difference some maturity makes!

Next we drove up to Vancouver to visit our old neighbors.  Rosina lived just down the road from us, and Hannah was our first "nanny" when Gemma was two and I couldn't handle her AND homeschooling.  We were so sad when they moved this winter, but the move was really good for them and I am happy for them.   Hannah's at college so we went to visit Alyssa and Dominic (and Rosina!).

Alyssa is SOOOO good with kids!  She has a spunky, cool
personality.  The girls love her.  Luckily we see her at
dance class (she helps with ballet).
Dominic is a little older than James and all
my kids love playing with him.  He has fun
hobbies like collecting lizards and snakes and
then building terrariums to house them.

It took about an hour to get to Rosina's house.  It was an easy drive and I'm sure I'll do it again.  We did hit bad traffic on the way home and that made the travel time 1.5 hours, but the kids were so tired that it didn't matter!  Also, it is fun to listen to a book on CD so that helped.

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