Monday, October 26, 2015

Fun at the Washington County Fair

Our Washington County Fair is a free fair that lasts 4 days at the end of July.  Well, parking isn't free unless you can snag one of the street-parking spots…which I did, score!  

This year we went on a Thursday morning.  It was HOT!!!!!  There had been high temps all summer, and this weekend was no different.  By going in the morning, we were spared from SOME of the heat.  It probably was in the low 90s by the time we left around noon.
First stop: poultry and small animals.  We found
out later that a half-dozen animals died from the
heat.  :o(
I think they are saying "moo" in this picture.
cooling station
learning about mosquitoes…just like mommy
did in the good ol' days at ND

I like the crafts entries and the garden the best.  We skipped the crafts because we were tired and cranky (ok, just I was) but we did make a quick stop at the garden so I could sit and nurse Celeste.  All the volunteers said "Oh, your kids should do the scavenger hunt!" but I was too tired and cranky and I said, "No!"  Then I was just too tired to move, so I let them do it (I was probably still cranky too, but just the tiredness was showing at that point).  Their prize: a freshly-dug carrot each:

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  1. Looks like a great experience for the kids (even if mom was tired and cranky)