Thursday, October 1, 2015

We enjoyed our summer

It's me again!  I bet you thought I forgot the password to my blog account or something!!  No, I've just been very very busy. :o)

We just got back from a  week-long trip to southern Colorado/northern New Mexico.  As you can imagine, it takes a lot of prep work to pull that off.  So I was busy the week before the trip…then gone for a week…and now busy AFTER the trip as well.  There is a mountain of laundry to do, and we technically did not take off any school so I've been trying to cram in 5 days of schooling into just 3 days…for 2 weeks in a row.


I am still thinking happy thoughts about the wonderful summer we had.  Here are some more pics:

Hillsboro Airshow…in our back yard!  It's so fun to yell out,
"Everyone come outside, quick!"  Those fun little moments
all add up to one great childhood, I hope.
Birdwatching is another reason everyone runs
outside, or to a window at least.
What we thought was an ornamental plum tree
actually produces edible fruit!  (small ones)

The kids love running out and snacking.
We also made some of our own treats, like
these Mexican chocolate pops.

Oh, we got a package in the mail!!

Gemma still loves it when "workers" come to
our house.  She is NOT shy.


  1. Love the pics! Keep them coming! Hope you have some wedding pictures.

  2. Gemma is the least shy persons I've ever met! I loooove love love Mexican popsicles, but I've never had chocolate. Yum! Pistachio is my fav :)