Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Three campers this year

This summer we had THREE kids go to Camp Howard!  (We tried to make it four but they wouldn't take Gemma…I wonder why….)

at the drop off
They each had one backpack full of clothes, and one duffel
bag full of their bedding and towels.
Daddy was giving helpful advice up 'til the end.

 That was a Sunday.  On the following Friday evening, Marcus and I drove to pick them up:

A little smelly and tired… but very happy from a fun week
at camp!


  1. Did you miss them? Did they miss you? I still want to hear how it went going from 6 kids to 3.....did it feel like a vacation!? Were the younger three happy to have you "to themselves"?

  2. I bet they had a great time and a great opportunity for them to do something on their own!