Wednesday, December 16, 2015

September overview

September 2015 was a great month.  We really didn't have a lot going on until the end of the month (when we took a trip to Colorado/New Mexico...more on that later).  

The first 2/3 of the month seemed to be low-key.  We celebrated Bunny's 13th birthday early in the month, with a ND game watch.  Most of September was spent getting some serious schooling done, but we did find a few ways to sneak in small adventures:

A trip to the South Store Cafe for Bunny.
My good friend Fanny became a US citizen, and threw herself
an Italian/American party!  (the food was great!)
Bunny's birthday party
Oath consults (too early for James, but Bunny may get some work)
Hillsboro High School football game
playing around during one of Bunny's horse lessons
We found out we will have another new cousin!
cousin Emmett's birthday party

And then...a lot of logistical planning for our trip.  Different locations, different temperatures, vastly different activities.  My little brother was getting married!!!  So we had casual and more formal events to pack for (myself plus 6 kids...all coordinating of course...and giving Marcus some advice as well).  Then the plan was to drive through New Mexico which meant 2 more different hotels, and more types of outfits (hiking, sightseeing, etc.).  Whew!  So by mid-month I started the packing process.  It helped to take photos of outfits, like this one:

one of a few dozen outfit photos that I took to keep us worked really well!!!
The month was great--we enjoyed every minute.  Stay tuned for more September posts!

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