Friday, December 18, 2015

Bunny's 13th Birthday Party

Bunny's birthday party is always a fun time!!!

She asks for the same menu each year: "dini" which is a nickname for spaghetti and meatballs.  The weather is always great (early September) and we usually have her party on a ND game day (perfect since she loves football).  I like to plan a treasure hunt for the guests, which keeps them active and entertained.  ;o)

Marcus frying up the meatballs in advance.
We set up the TV in the living room for the game watch.
Normally the TV is on the other side of this wall, in the TV
room...but we have a small pass-through for cables, and all we
have to do is move the TV to the other side and plug it in.
The kids ate their dini outside.

Bunny had to open her gifts in front of the TV.
Guests could still watch the game.  ;o)

The start of the Treasure Hunt!
The kids had to look in the auxiliary garden (it was a jungle!).
I like making them run all over the property.

Final stop: tea garden
Decadent Creation Macarons for all!
Inside for more Decadent Creations treats.
It wasn't all play...Bunny had to go to work putting the neighbors'
chickens to bed.

Another Really Fun Bunny birthday party!!!


  1. I can't believe she is 13 already! I still have the flower pen from the baby shower. Happy Birthday Bunny! (just a little late)

  2. Happy birthday to you sweet TEENAGER!!