Thursday, September 8, 2016

dinner with friends

It's not often someone is willing to take on a family of EIGHT healthy eaters and invite them to a home-cooked dinner...but that is exactly what my friend Fanny did!

homemade focaccia with onions--YUMMMMM!
Fanny made a fresh salad and pesto pasta along with the focaccia
(Fanny is from Italy BTW).  I've known Fanny for 15 years now,
since she was pregnant with her 3rd child.  :o)
Fanny's daughter Irena made DELICIOUS
chicken and salmon skewers--seriously, they
were amazing!  She is only in 9th grade and she
has a big interest in the culinary arts.  The drinks
she made for the kids were fantastic as well!
The L-Z family has a beautiful old home in
Forest Grove, with a perfect back yard.
showing--and learning--card tricks (Veronika is in James' grade)

Marcus with Krystof 
Seddy and Veronika
We all had a FABULOUS time and are so grateful for friends like Fanny and her family!  We were totally spoiled and the L-Z girls were very patient and energetic with Seddy and Gemma especially.  :o)  Next it's their turn to come to OUR house!

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