Friday, September 2, 2016

TLUSA beach trip

This past weekend The Boys took a Trail Life USA trip to Pacific City/Cape Kiwanda.  It is one of those popular beaches that we just never have visited for some reason or another.  The Boys were excited to see what it was all about, and to have a fun time with their friends.

Marcus got an early start to the morning, to beat
traffic and to have more fun with his sons.
They ate a 2nd breakfast at The Grateful Bread Bakery & Cafe
where HUGE portions are the norm!
good eater
It was a typical day on the Oregon Coast--very
chilly and very windy. 

Marcus was very surprised to find that this beach allowed for cars to drive right up to the shore--which was PERFECT for spending a day in the sand without lugging all your gear up and down!

Sedric got cold a few times and had to sit in the Pilot to warm
up, which was NO PROBLEM since the Pilot was right there!
Marcus was grateful that Sedric had brought along a bag of junk,
I mean "toys," which kept him busy.

They spent most of their time with friends Thomas and William.
James got to hike up a huge sand dune with them while Marcus
stayed back with Sedric.

They can't wait 'til their next adventure!

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