Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Fun at the State Fair!

Every year the same routine--end of August brings the Oregon State Fair!!!

This year we went on a Wednesday since Marcus had to work a 24-hour shift on Monday (our usual day for the fair).

Of course we still followed our usual routine: first, the farm animals.  Then chickens, parks + rec exhibit, and hot, fresh scones.  This year we went to the 4-H barn next, and then we had an early picnic dinner.  Quilts were next before heading to the rides.  (Man, they are expensive!)  Little kids rode first, then big kids, and finally we ended our evening with a giant elephant ear and a few more exhibits.

Grandpa would like the pig exhibits.
So excited to see the chickens!!!
Boo, the chicken exhibits were gone, and the cavies were in.
Luckily we found a FEW chickens and ducks
tucked away along a back wall.

Picnic dinner!  Fresh sandwiches, New Seasons
salads, Pringles (a special treat), and fruit.
This is one of my friend Ann Marie's quilts.
She won a blue ribbon!  I need to ask her what
the symbolism is.
The detail was a-MA-zing!!  The WHOLE quilt
was row upon row of tiny hand-stitched lines.
And the "material" for the numbers was from
tags, I think from her hiking equipment.  A lady
nearby called it "The REI quilt" because you can
see a little peak of an REI tag....
Little kid rides!  Cellie loved the carousel.
Seddie REALLY wanted to ride a roller-coaster
jungle gym

Big-kid rides next

Bye-bye big kids!  I was off with the littles
for a visit to Familyville and Jesustown.  ;o)
Gemma REALLY wanted an inflatable hammer.
Big kids had fun.
We met up again, and I got a ride on the Ferris wheel!!

(there we are!)

Yummy elephant ears.
Alaskan Racing Pigs on the way out.

Posa's pig Bob didn't win, but she got a ribbon anyway.
A visit to our friend's goats before heading for home.


  1. looks like fun! but a few questions....
    1) why a 24-hr shift?
    2) what's a cavie? (is that like "what's a vernor?"?)
    3) what was expensive, the quilts or the rides?!?!

  2. so many questions, Erica!!! ;o)
    1) that is what I call a one-day trip...he was in CA on that Monday. I guess technically it was not 24 hours but I saw him on Sunday evening and then again on Tuesday morning so it actually seemed like more than 24 hours.
    2) I think a cavie is a term for Guinea pigs/gerbils/rodents ???
    3) I'm sure both were expensive but I meant the rides. Like, $5 per ride, per kid! Yikes!
    :o) Becky