Tuesday, September 6, 2016

end of August random happenings

Just scanning through pics from the last few weeks, and here's what I came up with:

First, I got the random notion that I wanted to go to the Street of Dreams this year.  I figured Marcus wouldn't want to go with me so I asked my friend Lisa if she wanted to go the next evening.  Turns out Marcus DID want to go, so we spontaneously went on a date that very night!  It was so much fun: the houses were GORGEOUS and the setting was beautiful, overlooking vineyards and with a mountain view.  We didn't necessarily get any ideas that we can bring back to our own house (glass floor looking down into your wine cellar, anyone?) but it was great fun getting a peek at these multi-million dollar homes.

Like my stylish booties? :oP
(the room on the very right is a 2-story game room with a
$600,000 brass and glass garage-style door)

I haven't been out in the garden much--I am a terrible harvester--but I did manage to put a few garden veggies on the menu to force myself to shop my own store.  Celeste and I went out to pick potatoes one Sunday afternoon:

2 kinds of potatoes, and 2 kinds of beets, from our garden

We've been spending most every evening outside.  Installing a sport court 4 years ago was the BEST decision we have made for our property!  The kids are out there every day, and usually Marcus too.  ;o)  I think it has held up very well over these few years, and it gives the kids a large, safe, flat surface to do all kinds of activities.  Sometimes my husband knows what doing when he comes up with crazy ideas (good job, hon!).

My feeble attempt at a panoramic shot from our front porch

Bunny is continuing to have horse lessons but now that Marcus' travel has increased, I often need to take ALL the kids.  James is not quite old enough to babysit.  So what we do is we drop Bunny off, drive 15 minutes to the nearest McDonald's play land, spend 30 minutes there (free wifi!), and drive 15 minutes back to pick her up before driving 30 minutes home.  Whew.  But it is worth it for Bunny, and the younger kids really like these fun evenings as well.

And a couple of bonus pics:

(me trying to fill the ground-mouse holes under our apple trees)  

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