Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Marcus' birthday party

On Sunday the MSpS group hosted family dinner, and it happened to be Marcus' birthday party!

Fr. Domenico and Br. Santos arranged for some games for the kids. First was a water balloon toss. It was a big hit on a hot day:

The little girls skipped the tossing part:

Fr. Domenico had also arranged a scavenger hunt that kept them running around the whole property. The kids LOVED it and the adults liked that they were busy for 15 minutes. :o) They even had prizes for the kids. That was so sweet of them! Everyone went away happy with their choices:

Dinner was FANTASTIC!!!! (did I mention that dinner was great?). We had "street tacos" which is what I call little open-faced corn tortillas with meat and salsas. Fr. Juan made (among other great foods) this great salsa with caramelized onions, bacon, and beer. It was amazing! Also fresh guacamole, citrus chicken, shredded chicken, beef, and soupy beans. And a great drink that is from a secret recipe but it involved tequila so that's all I needed to know! JK...mostly. (you can see that Sedric slept well....). I almost forgot, for appetizers they served chips and salsas and fresh fruit with this neat seasoning that had chile and new favorite is jicama sticks with that seasoning. Delicious!

After dinner we went inside to sing to Marcus:

I had coached the kids to wait until AFTER Marcus made his wish to all blow out the candles...they didn't listen:

Chocolate pudding cake (as requested by the birthday boy) with a chocolate mousse filling and chocolate ganache top:

At the end of the evening Marcus opened his gifts which included ukelele songbooks, T-shirts, basketballs, and socks:

But I say this with all honesty: the real present for Marcus, and for all of us, was the amazing wonderful special time we had in Roy, all thanks to our great hosts. It was a memory-maker type of evening, truly special.

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun!

    What is MSpS? and who (or where?) is Roy?

    Will you send me that cake recipe, it looks amazing!

    1. MSpS is (are) the Missionaries of the Holy this house that means Fr. Juan, Fr. Domenic, and Br. Santos. They live in the small community of Roy and help out at their church (the church has a diocesan priest but the missionaries help with Masses and confession...they don't have to do any of the parish administration). Roy is about 30 minutes north of us.

      I will try to post the cake recipe soon...

  2. How many birthday parties and birthday cakes do you get? JK. Looks like lots of fun at both celebrations.

  3. The chilli and lime flavoring is very popular with my students too! I like watermelon with it.