Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Becky's 27th birthday

Ok, maybe not my 27th birthday...would you believe 32nd?  No?  

we were going to have these cinnamon rolls
until Gemma woke up on my birthday party day
and promptly barfed all over the (carpeted) stairs...
so my party had to be postponed
(and we got the cin. rolls all to ourselves!)

so we had my party in conjunction with a dinner to celebrate
Uncle Tony's visit, at grammae and papa's

happy birthday to me!

great presents and lovely cards :o)


  1. So is your b-day on the 27th? If so, you and Mary share a birthday!!

  2. no, it is October 12th, but we were so busy getting ready to go to Italy that we waited to have my bday party until November...but when Gemma got sick, we waited a little longer and just had it the other week. (PS Aidan's birthday is the 27th, though!)

  3. oh thats cool. Sometimes its good to wait a little while. :)