Sunday, November 25, 2012


Ok, I'm going a little out of order here, but it has been SOOOOO hard to find time to create and narrate my Italy posts that I thought I'd do some easy posts for your viewing pleasure.  Don't worry, I will still do my Italy posts.  But here are some pics in the mean time....

pumpkin carving

notice the sewing machine in the background...yes,
I was still working on costumes right up til the very end

2 handsome men on Halloween night

Ninjago characters

another great Halloweenie Roast
at Eliot & Emmett's house

Gemma liked the trick-or-treating...especially when
she thought she could just take candy straight from
the bowl at the house she was at, no walking door-
to-door required!

all tired out


  1. The costumes came out great. Nice job Becky. My kids are sooooo cute!

  2. Great job on the costumes! Did you trick or treat? Where did you go?