Sunday, November 4, 2012

Italy, Day 1

   Almost 3 weeks ago (!) on Tuesday October 16th, Bunny, Sedric, and I left for the great country of Italy.  Our church, St. Matthew in Hillsboro, put together a pilgrimage as a replacement fundraiser for our Fall Festival, which did not happen this year because of anticipated construction.  Father Peter was to lead the group, which was a GREAT draw since he has lived in Italy, speaks Italian, and is very familiar with the different sites, history, artwork, and architecture.  
    From the day this pilgrimage was first presented, I knew I wanted Bunny to go.  This would be the ultimate homeschool field trip!  So I talked with Marcus about it, assuming he would be the one to take her given that I would have a little baby in the coming October.  But...with his job change and new company, it turned out that he could not take the time off needed.  I was not about to give up on my goal, so after lots of consideration and prayer, we decided to make it work by having me and Sedric be Bunny's chaperones.
    We left Portland on 10/16 after waking up EARLY (3am!) and meeting at the St. Matthew parking lot to pick up a few pilgrims.  Then on our way to the airport. 
Bunny playing with the iPad in the Portland airport, around 5am
The first flight was to Newark, New Jersey, and if I remember correctly it took about 5 hours.  We were not "supposed" to sleep during that flight since it was Italian daytime, but luckily Sedric did not get the memo.  He was a good little boy and took 2 nice naps, even with a lot of turbulence on the way.
    In Newark, we had a few hours for a layover.  We had lunch and used the restroom, etc.
showing our passports for the 2nd time (we were keeping track)

our first gelato of the trip, in Newark
waiting to board the plane to Milan
 The flight to Milan was 8 hours, I think.  Finally we could sleep!  But with dinner service, more turbulence, people socializing behind us, and poopie diapers, we didn't actually get a lot of shut-eye.  Finally Bunny fell asleep at about 10am her time which was...right before we were about to land.  :o)
we were happy to get a bassinet for Sed

it was a long flight


  1. So.... Now to post day 2, right?
    I hope Sedi wasn`t to hard on you...
    Hope to see you guys on thursday mass!! ;)

  2. sounds like bunny and sedric were good travellers....? how did you get the bassinet? and the front row?! If you were in a different seat there probably would not be room for a bassinet, right?