Sunday, November 4, 2012

Italy, Day 2, first half of day

On Wednesday morning 10/17 we landed in Milan, Italy!  It was about 7am local time.  We were wide awake thanks to a shot of adrenaline; we kept looking at each other and saying, "We're in Italy!"

in the airport waiting to get our passports stamped
 Father Peter was waiting for us in the lobby.  We all grabbed our luggage and boarded the bus.  (I had packed one medium-large suitcase for the 3 of us, plus a backpack each).
Father Peter gave commentary along the ride
 We were on our way to Sacro Monte, or "Sacred Mountain", where people years ago would do their own sort of pilgrimage before cars/trains/planes etc.  
this is the mountain we were going to...see the large buildings in the upper right
 We, just like pilgrims for the last 400 or so years, climbed the mountain, stopping at 14 chapels along the way.  Each chapel was different from the outside, and inside were life-sized statues of the stations of the cross.  We could not go in the chapels but instead we peered inside to see the beautiful statues and paintings.
starting up the mountain

and more walking, uphill of course

the interior of one of the chapels, from the 1600s if I remember correctly

It wasn't all walking, sometimes we climbed stairs too
 It was a really really long "walk" for just coming off an international flight.  I am not in shape by any means, and I had my little "15 pound penalty" on my hip, so it was quite hard for me.  Some older members of our trip had trouble, too.  But we all made it!!!!!!!  With more than a little prayer, of course.
The view from the top with friends Kelly and Kathy
 At the top was a beautiful church, small but completely covered with carvings, artwork, and intricacies.  I don't remember all the great history behind the different parts of the church; maybe I will look it up someday.  We had some time to look around and then have our first Mass of our trip, and we were surprised to find that Father Peter's friends have joined us too!
 That rounds out the first HALF of our first day in Italy (whew!).


  1. Beautiful job Becky! Keep up the story. I know, I have to do mine now too.

  2. I can't wait to hear both of your stories! Good job on the hike, I'm assuming it's SUPPOSED to be hard, part of the pilgrimage, right?

    Great pictures! Tell Bunny to blog more too if she can.