Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Birthday Party on St. Pat's Day

Ok, I will go backwards here.  The Astoria pictures aren't organized yet, but these are!  

When we got home from Astoria last Sunday, we pretty much went straight to grammae and papa's house for a birthday party.  Yes, Fr. Juan's birthday is on St. Patrick's Day!!  (Do you remember last year, Joe and Steph?  You were here!)  We all deck out in green, which was hard for me since I could only find one greenish t-shirt, and we get to enjoy a fantastic grammae dinner.  :o)
"Fr. Minco" (Fr. Domenico) came too--
Gemma LOVES Fr. Minco!!
getting the dessert ready

opening gifts--Fr. Juan got some DVDs, kitchen ware, and a
pullover...and a hand-made planter box from papa!!!
(time to start working on your green thumb, Fr. Juan!)
I think we sang "Happy Birthday" about 3 times
(and I don't think Fr. Juan got to blow out his candle
any of those times).

Happy Birthday, Father Juan!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Fr. Juan. Looks like you had a great celebration. We wish we c old have been there.

  2. Yes I do remember that amazing meal! I can't believe it's been a year since we have seen you all. We miss you!

  3. What was that blow torch thing and what kind of dessert was it?? Cause it looked pretty good!

    1. The dessert was creme brulee--it is like a vanilla pudding with sugar on top. A special torch is used to melt the sugar, and then when it cools it is hard like a hard candy. Yum!!