Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Playdate, or school? Both!

We had our friends over for a playdate again last Friday.  The kids and I love having them over!  It is a great excuse to postpone school and just have fun.  Well, actually, we did do "school" but it was fun stuff, and just so we could feel like we accomplished something.  First, since James is studying pond ecosystems, we thought we would collect some pond water and study it under a microscope....
The whole gang (Seddy was on my back)
collecting water samples

The day was SO pleasant, thanks to Mrs. N!!
Tag-teaming works really well....
 After collecting the samples and studying them under the microscope, we moved on to a religion lesson.  My blog friend Jessica at Shower of Roses created an amazing unit study on the pope, and we took just one small piece of it to work on as a group....

 The pop-up books on St. Peter's Basilica turned out great!  We will work on the rest of the lapbook the coming weeks.  All the news with the pope and the conclave is so ~rich~ for Bunny and I, since we can really picture all the places in Vatican City.  As a family, we're watching a DVD on Blessed Pope John XXIII and playing close attention to the voting procedures of the conclave.  This lapbook will help us and the younger kids understand more about the papacy and the historic events of this month.  I hope they can look back at this time and say "I remember when Pope (???) was elected!!"


  1. That is wonderful! My family is also creating a Papal lapbook!

  2. You make homeschooling look so fun (and easy)!