Saturday, March 2, 2013

Valentine's Day, better late than never

A catch-up post about Valentine's Day, which is funny that this post is so late since we actually celebrated Valentine's Day early this year.  Because Ash Wednesday was on Feb. 13th, we thought it would be best (and appropriate) to move our "Valentine's Day" to Fat Tuesday.  

We have a whole routine that we do every year, and this routine centers around food (of course!).  Great steak from New Seasons, homemade twice-baked potatoes, spinach salad, and this year, some scallops YUMMMM.  We usually have green beans but they weren't looking so great so we skipped on them.

The kids got burgers, since that's what THEY like.  In this
pic you can see their little gifts this year, too.

I bought everyone See's chocolates, and Marcus bought me
chocolate from the Candy Basket in Hillsboro (Artfull Garden),
and we decided that the Candy Basket beat out See's!
(That was a surprise since See's is soooo good, for sure)
And for dessert, individual molten chocolate "cakes" baked
in buttered/sugared cups, served with vanilla ice cream.
(hedgehogs by Erica!!)


  1. Looks great Becky! Can I come next year??

    I love those individual chocolate cakes. Do share the recipe.

    We celebrated St. Valentine's on Tuesday before Ash Wednesday also. Great minds think alike, eh?

  2. What a lovely celebration. Happy Valentine's Day! The chocolate dessert looks maahhhvelous!

  3. you make days like this so special for the kids!

    glad you're "using" my hedgehogs! Does Sedric like them?