Thursday, August 8, 2013

24-hour bug times do the math

Just wanted to pop in here to apologize for the lack of posts and pictures these past few weeks!  We're hardly ever sick-sick, but for the last 1.5 weeks we've been battling a 24-hour bug that has had a party at our house and just refuses to leave!!  :o)  First James when he came back from camping...then Marcus and Gemma a few nights later...then little Seddy...then was it Bunny next? (at least it was right before she left for Camp Howard, not during)...then I  succumbed on Sunday night and finally Mariposa just the other day.  We are all better, mostly, but a little slow, and uploading pictures are just NOT on my agenda right now!  Maybe I'll get a break from all the laundry back-up soon, but now I need to go gather the troops since Mrs. N needs to leave a little early today and it's lunch time.  Keep checking back...maybe in a few days I'll have some Camp Howard pics from Bun!!  :o)


  1. Ohhh.. I am ssooo sorry you guys!!! Poor little Sedi got. I hope Bunny didn`t get it at camp. I know I never got it after i came to babysit. I hope all of you get better soon!!

  2. Sounds awful! So sorry! I've heard some people in the area having it also. Hope you're all doing better now.