Wednesday, August 14, 2013

more zoo camp

Also last month I took Bunny and James on a special trip to the zoo.  So, Mariposa went to real Zoo Camp, Gemma went with me, and then the 2 oldest.  Poor Seddy is the only one who didn't get a special trip!  I don't think he noticed.

Traversing the zoo with 2 active, inquisitive, literate kids was a lot different than my trip with Gemma.  With Bunny and James we spent a LOT longer at each exhibit and consequently we had to cut some animals off the list.  But we still saw most areas of the zoo, and we had a great time.

A highlight of the day was a stop at our "new" favorite restaurant, Sweet Tomatoes.  ("You mean we can get whatever we want, mom?" "That's right, son.")

a great end to a great day with my
two oldest kids!!


  1. mmmmmm I love Sweet tomatoes, just been there once in Denver I think. It's like a salad bar, right, so mostly healthy? soups too?

    1. Yup, salad bar!! Pasta and "pizza" bread too. It was a little hot for soups but they gobbled up the other food (esp. the desserts) ;o) ---Becky

  2. So good you make special trips with all the kids!