Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New Friends

Early last month, Fr. Peter called us at home.  We know by now that when Fr. Peter calls, 1) he needs us to do something, and 2) it will be an adventure.  :o)  He told us that he has some friends coming into town and could they stay at our place?  We know always to say yes to Fr. Peter because we will be better for it (in the end at least...).  :o)  So we cleaned up the apartment and welcomed a lovely Italian family a few days later.

Andrea and Monica, and their 6-year-old daughter Chiara, were a delight!! Their English was wonderful and their stay with us was just perfect.  They had a good mix of sight-seeing on their own, time with Fr. Peter, and down-time with us.

at the Cruise-In Country Diner for some real American food!

Picking berries at Smith
A trip to the zoo (we went to the zoo more times in the first
week of July than we had all year previous!
Ding-Dong did this herself of course.
Andrea loves cooking/baking, and he wanted to make us
an Italian meal.  He started by making a cake with no recipe
and no measuring!!!!
  He wanted to use the berries we picked.
Monica prepared the cabbage from our garden.

I hope Bunny took good notes on how to make the pasta.
an Italian feast!!!

Mariposa and Chiara got along so well, even
despite the language barrier.  :o)

Us and our new friends!!!

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