Saturday, August 24, 2013

WashCo Fair

Last month the kids and I went to the county fair in Hillsboro.  James was camping with Auntie Coley/Uncle Brian/Eliot/Emmett, so it was just me and the girls (and Seddy of course!).  We had a great day from the start, when we snagged FREE street parking IN THE SHADE, score!!  Then we enjoyed a leisurely pace around the fair:

First, we saw the animals.  Sedric loved them all and was
especially pleased when I let him pet the pig.  The girls enjoyed
the animals too, except when someone would remind Mariposa
that these animals are for us to eat (she is my vegetarian in the making).
We packed sandwiches and fruit for lunch,
but also indulged in a LARGE order of fries!

On our way out we stopped by the Master Gardeners display.
They had prepared a seek-and-find for kids, how fun!
The prize for completing the hunt: a carrot!

Something good to eat that is NOT an animal.
Bunny was protective about her carrot, until
Seddy wanted to hold it...then she gladly gave
it up to him.  :o)

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  1. Sedi looks happy watching the pig sleep!! :) Did you go on any rides?? And... those curly fries look really good!!! :) But it kinda looks like Sedric doesn`t like them!! I hope Bunny, Posa, and Gemma all had A LOT of fun at the fair!!! See you guys soon!!