Monday, March 2, 2015

Happy New Year! ;o)

Hey!  I think I may have a little time to blog tonight!

The kids are in bed and Celeste is sleeping in her bouncy seat.  If she gives me some time, then I can get caught up here…

Some pics from around New Year's:

My funny mom always sends us stockings with tiny little
gifts in them.  The kids (and adults!) love this!!!  :o)
The last New Year's Party in grammae and papa's house.
Since grammae and papa are planning on selling their house and moving, we knew this would be the last year up at the "Big House."  So it was bitter-sweet.  Unfortunately I couldn't enjoy it much since I left early with the littlest kids.  But Marcus and the kids had a great time and many happy memories are left for them to cherish.

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  1. I hope they aren't moving too far. Does that mean the "kids" get to host the parties now?