Monday, July 13, 2015

end-of-year music recital

Another year of music lessons comes to a close!  (We actually are continuing on through July…but the recital seemed like the end of the year since they had been working hard on their performance pieces.)

Once again the recital was at the beautiful St. Juan Diego parish where our teacher is a parishioner.  We had a small reception afterwards (the kids' favorite part, of course!).

Mariposa is amazing after only 2 years of lessons.
She diligently practices on her own each day,
and her hard work really showed at the recital!

James, like Bunny, likes to "doodle" on the guitar a lot.
He'll pick it up any time of day, and just strum something he is
working on.  He makes up his own songs and memorizes his
lesson pieces, so he always has something to play!

Bunny--WOW.  She plays intricate classical
pieces for lessons but also fun strumming songs
at home.  She can play "Classical Gas" and is
currently working on "Blackbird" (Beatles).

Good Job, kids!!  I am so proud of you!

Next year, be looking for GEMMA as well!


  1. I had to look up Classical Gas and I'm really impressed! Keep up the good work!

    1. It's on my "to do" list to learn how to post videos…and when I do, you can watch Bunny (and the other kids) show off their talents! :o) Becky