Friday, July 24, 2015

Foodie Friday--pie and pesto

For our anniversary on July 11th (17 years!) we decided that we would not go out to dinner as a couple, but instead celebrate with the kids.  I noticed it had been over a month since our last Reconciliation trip, so we made it a P&P (Penance and P____ ) night.  Blueberry PIE for the second P:

 I had to trim my basil so Bunny and I made some Pesto as well:

We added the pesto to some alfredo pasta--yum!

ready for the freezer

the pie--out of the oven

After our trip to church for Penance we stopped by Burgerville for dinner.  They have their seasonal Walla Walla onion rings!!!

 Then back at home for our pie:

It was a wonderful anniversary!!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! We were just talking about your wedding and reception with Evan. He had ear tubes put in just a week or so before that. They had to pry him out of my arms to go to the operating room and he would not leave my side after that. So he was a "cling on" at the reception.