Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Fun at the Zoo

Another trip to the zoo--I like to beat the rush and go before group school gets out.  :o)  We also go early in the morning to get a good (shady) spot and arrive before all the field-trippers come.  This past trip, we accomplished our mission!

This time we skipped Pacific Northwest and Family Farm and instead went to Africa.

Seddy's favorite part, of course.  Unfortunately
the train didn't run until noon this day, which
was way too late for us.  Seddy understood. :o)

By 11am the zoo was packed!  I later heard that there were a few thousand kids on field trips.  There was no place at the tables for us to sit for lunch!  But it wasn't a problem; we just found a short wall and set up camp there:

On our way out through the underwater exhibit we saw some
very strange zoo creatures:  divers!  That was cool!

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