Monday, July 20, 2015

Father's Day Activities

Father's Day is always a fun time for ALL of us!  This year we went to Saturday evening Mass so that we could have all day Sunday for festivities.

Early in the morning we left for Hillsboro for a visit to Elmer's for breakfast.  This is a special treat for the WHOLE family to go, since sit-down restaurants are a ~little~ hard for us right now.  And Elmer's is very crowded on Sunday mornings, so we were really taking a gamble.  It paid off!  We got seated almost immediately, at an awesome corner-booth, and we ordered right away.  The food came SO fast and we all devoured everything before any antics could begin.  It worked out really well!

First Stop: Elmer's
 Next we hit the road for Wilsonville--Bullwinkle's Family Fun Center.

Bullwinkle's has putt-putt (or "pot pot" as Gemma says…we don't want to correct her because it's so cute!), arcade games, bumper boats, zip lines, race cars, etc.  This visit was pretty simple: just golf and boats.

beautiful sunny day
This year Sedric did NOT run off (too much)
and he really enjoyed the game. 
Pretty much every hole looked like this (chaos).
Next was bumper-boat time!

We had to take turns since Gemma and Sedric had to go with
Marcus…and he couldn't take both at the same time.
Celeste had a BLAST trying to squirt
the boaters!!
Sedric was SOOOO excited when his turn finally came up.  He had the TIME of his LIFE on the bumper-boat with his dad!!!!  He could hardly contain himself!!!  It brought so much joy to my heart to watch:

 Before going home we got our annual family photo.  I really should've done this BEFORE they got totally soaked:

High-Fives all around
Can you see where James was sitting??  ;o)

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