Friday, July 3, 2015

Foodie Friday--strawberry freezer jam

Strawberry freezer jam is a MUST on my to-do list every June!

I use Hood strawberries which are only available early in the season.  This year, with our mid winter and beautiful spring, the Hoods were 3 weeks early!  Our favorite local vendor is Unger's, run by Kathy Unger and daughter Laura.  Kathy was the cook at St. Matthew School when I worked their eons ago, and Laura was a student!!  Wow, time flies.

Anyway, I choose to make full-sugar Sure-Jel freezer jam with the Hood berries.  (Raspberry jam is the only kind that I use a low-sugar MCP recipe.)  It is super-easy: mashed berries, pectin/water, and sugar.  This year I can't remember if I made 2 or 3 batches…either way, when you consider all the jam I still have in my freezer, and the fact that the other berries are still in full-force…well, I think we'll have enough for the winter!

Let the jam sit on the counter for a day, to set.  Then put in
the freezer to enjoy in the winter!
(I also froze leftover berries for winter smoothies.)


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  1. Love strawberry freezer jam! We missed our season since we were on our trip. But we have raspberries so that is a close second.