Sunday, August 9, 2015

Another learning experience: sheep shearing

I'm back, after a busy couple of weeks!

Here are some pictures of the neighbor's sheep being sheared.  We had been enjoying the sheep for a few years, but they had eaten up all the brambles/pasture and the time had come for them to go home.  Bunny is saving up to buy a few for us to have, so hopefully it won't be long until we hear baaa-ing again!

Before transporting the sheep home, the (real) owner paid a shearer to come out:

One ewe had a baby that morning!  What a surprise!
Three bags full (and more)

Last was BigRam's turn.  This looked like
quite the chore for the shearer!  He knew just
what to do…but BigRam put up a good fight.
I'm so grateful for these random learning experiences that seem to pop up all the time for us…just another aspect of our crazy life.

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