Monday, August 10, 2015

end of VBS

VBS week was a fun week.  It was busy! with cousins over, park dates, party planning, and vacation-packing, but it was all good.  :o)

Vacation Bible School is important to us every year, as you can probably see.  As homeschoolers, it's a fun treat to be part of a group of peers whom you don't know, and to learn group-school ditties and practices.  Also, these are kids that my own kids see at church events, so there is a little familiarity.  The classes at VBS are excellent and the kids love ALL of it: activity, snack, lesson, crafts, music.  The potluck at the end is like a big fun party to cap off a great week.  Even though it is tough for a homeschooling mom like me to wake up early, get the kids ready and fed and out the door, and then go back into town a few hours later to pick them up…it is all worth it!!  (How do you group-school moms do this every school day all year???)  :o)

Park Day with our local homeschool group
Seddy (in red) loved the bubbles!
Gemma didn't stop or even slow down once
music crew sang for Mass
James was an altar server (with candle)

A few of the teachers, at the potluck
annual cousins pic
this is normal

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