Friday, August 21, 2015

Hillsboro Hops with the kids

At last spring's school auction, Marcus and I won a Hillsboro Hops package.  One of the items in the package was a 4-person event with tickets and a behind-the-scenes tour.  What a great opportunity!  We knew the older kids would love it so we took them with us.

First was the tour under the stadium.  We learned that there are 6 levels of pro baseball, and the Hops are the 2nd level, with the Arizona Diamondbacks being the 6th/top level.  Players are happy to play in Hillsboro because of the fantastic community support and the brand-new facilities.  Also--the Portland area is hard to beat for youngsters like these ball players.  :o)

the dugout, after touring the training facilities (they wouldn't
let us take photos down there)
on the field
great seats!  And I was happy that we were behind the net.

7th Inning Stretch
mascot (we call him Hoppy--not sure what his
real name is--maybe that's it!)
He came up to give high-fives!
James got a signature after the game
We had a lot of fun--it was a great family atmosphere.  This is definitely something we want to do every summer!

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  1. It's Barley the Hop ;-) I think one of Aidan's classmates won the -name the mascot- contest. :-)