Thursday, August 20, 2015

some fun in July

Aackkk!  I haven't downloaded photos in a month!!

Here's some fun from the first half of July:

Bunny started taking lessons--here she is, meeting her horse
Teva for the first time.
Mass at Migrant Ministry
Hillsboro Hops baseball with Bunny, James,
and Celeste
Sed 3 yr drs appt.
lazy days of summer (by Gemma)
4th of July parade
4th of July pool party
another Hops game (adults only!)
tomatoes came early
garden is doing well

Migrant Ministry bingo
Mrs. N picking plums for the kids, after they exhausted
all the low-hanging ones
visiting Tess at the farmer's market


  1. So many comments!!
    1) I can't wait to hear about Bunny's lessons, tell her to blog about it! I'm glad she has a special activity just for her :-)
    2) at 3 years old are they finally not afraid of the doctor?
    3) I like how Gemma's drawing shows her holding a margarita (or wine!) glass! hahahahaha, she knows how to relax! You must be a good role-model for that :-)
    4) I love that pillar in your garden, what a great idea!

  2. I think Gemma made her picture of Grandma.
    I love Your training horse Bunny, and yes, we want to know how your lessons are going.
    And I like all the other pics!