Monday, August 17, 2015

Big Sed is three!

On the last day of VBS we celebrated Sedric's 3rd birthday!!  VBS will forever be linked to Sedric's birthday, at least in my memories, since he was born on a Wednesday right in the middle of VBS week 3 years ago.  I was hugely over-due (only a few days overdue, but I mean to say I was huge) but still chugging along.  That morning, I was having contractions but you never really know until you know.  By the evening, we "knew" and so we drove into the birth center.  The rest is history….

We chose to have a Friday night dinner because we knew we would be busy packing on Saturday for a trip to Central Oregon.  The Friday evening party worked really well for everyone!

opening presents after dinner

Sedric still loves Thomas trains and for the 2nd year in a row he had a "Thomas" themed birthday party.

ding dong cake
kids playing outside after cake

You can't have an evening party in the summer without S'MORES!!!!

Saturday was Sedric's actual birthday and we celebrated with mini-versions of the ding dong cake (so easy just to double the batch and call it good!).

Bubbles from Mrs. N
Still more trains
Seddy had a great birthday, thanks to all his family and friends!

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