Tuesday, August 16, 2016

First day of school

Yesterday (August 15th) we had our first day of school!

We follow the umbrella school "Mother of Divine Grace" which provides all levels of assistance from preK through high school.  A mom can choose simply to follow some aspects of their curriculum (which is considered "Classical Education") or a mom can get full support from counsellors and even online classes.

This year, like last, we are fully enrolled, and we do choose to follow the MODG curriculum.  Bunny is now taking 2 high-school level classes and the support from my MODG counsellor has been invaluable!

So here we are at the start of school, and amazingly I was ready this year.  :o)  We will run for 32 weeks with an extended Christmas break, and will be done before May 1st, which is my ultimate goal.  We also take one-week breaks in Fall and Spring, and fit in travel whenever we want.

Here are some pics of our first day:

Seddy is in PreK, which I don't really subscribe to,
but when he sees all his siblings do something, he
wants to do it too!  We just do workbooks etc.
I get most of my materials re-bound.  The people
at Office Depot are now my close friends.  ;o)
Mariposa (gr4) is entering into more writing
and reading.  Her history reading this year will
be very demanding, but I know she can do it!

James is now mostly independent.  I discuss
everything with him, and grade his papers.
I also teach Latin and grammar, neither of which
is independent this year (grade 6).

Gemma is in 1st grade and just loves her work.  She needs a ton of extra worksheets so she feels she is doing just as much independent work as everyone else!  In reality, all her learning is with me, but the worksheets are fun for her.

Bunny is easing into 8th grade since 2 of her online classes don't start for 2 weeks, and I don't yet have books for science.  (I'll get them this week!)  She jumped right back into Algebra and will finish mid-year, then go straight to Algebra II.  She's a looking forward to doing her Art class via FaceTime with grandma!  :o)

The oldest 3 took standardized tests as requested by Oregon law, and I am so proud of their excellent scores.  :o)  Sure, I knew they were awesome...but it means something to know that they are also awesome by public standards as well.  ;o)  I guess this homeschool thing works, who knew!?!


  1. I really commend you for doing the homeschool thing! I have no idea how you do it! Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks, Aunt Christine!! :o) Becky