Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Backpack Service Project

At the end of each August we always make time to help out with the St. Vincent de Paul Backpack Project.

The parishioners of St. Matthew have donated school supplies for over a month now, and St. Vincent de Paul had taken names of over 80 kids who are in need of full backpacks.  It's so much fun every year to be the worker bees for this worthy cause.  This year we only stayed to fill the packs; in years past we also distributed them to the clients.

Good job, kids!


  1. I'd love to know more about this service project! For starters, who funds it? Our homeschool group loves to do service projects and this would be great for next, but how to begin...

  2. Hi Patty! Our church's St. Vincent de Paul food bank takes names and advertises for parishioners to donate supplies. They gather supplies and take donated money to buy what they still need (mostly, backpacks and calculators). Our homeschool group helps to assemble the backpacks. I love that I am not actually in CHARGE of anything :o) and we just show up every year to help! I could give you the email of the nice lady in charge if you'd like. ;o) Becky