Sunday, June 22, 2014

20 week ultrasound

I had my big 20-week ultrasound, and everything looks good!  (BTW if any of my readers didn't know...I'm pregnant!  Baby #6)  ;o)  New adjusted due date based on baby's size: November 1st, All Saints Day.  The old due date was October 24th.

We took Mariposa with us.  She thinks she saw the gender.
Mariposa was happy to be a part of this experience.
After the ultrasound we took a trip to the Johnny store to get some parts for Marcus' tractor.  He was getting a tune-up, done by a farmer friend's mechanic.  (The work is now done and the tractor runs awesome--Forrest is a miracle worker!  Saved us $30k because Marcus no longer thinks he needs a new tractor!)

test drive


  1. Congradulations!!! This is going to be fun!!! Let me know when you ever need me to watch kids!!

  2. I wonder if it will be a boy or a girl?? I`m guessing a girl...... Maybe be a boy...... I don`t know.........

  3. OH my gosh!!!!! That is just AWESOME!!! Congratulations!!! When the heck did I miss that big announcement?! LOL

    1. Well, there wasn't really an "announcement".... I guess this is it!! :o) We're SOOOO excited for #6! :o) Becky

  4. I'm still rooting for October 24th :-)

    Tell Mariposa to write me a note telling me what she thinks the gender is!