Friday, June 6, 2014

Happy Birthday, William

A few weekends ago we were THRILLED to go to a birthday party for our friend, William! William is the oldest child of my friend Lisa, who is Mrs. N's daughter (I knew Lisa first, and she suggested that her mom come to help me out as a nanny).  I'm just now getting to uploading all my pics; Bunny was in charge of the camera for most of the party, and she took about 200 photos as you can probably imagine.
First up, a craft (making a foam snake).
 For the entertainment, Lisa hired "The Reptile Guy" to bring his friends and give a demonstration.

birthday boy

Lisa made THE CUTEST fruit snakes!

Our friend Stacy in the blue shirt, and Mrs. N with some kids.
A lot of kids...adults were outnumbered for sure.
My kids had a BLAST and it was a really special treat for them to see all those reptiles, and have a great time with friends.  Happy Birthday, William!

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