Friday, June 27, 2014

mid-June in the garden

Everyone else is doing garden posts so I thought I would do one, too....

(photos are from mid-June; everything is much bigger now that it's almost July!)

view from the garden entrance (straight)
I love my "new" raised bed because I think it
really anchors the garden.  Seeds were planted
late this year--next year I can plant in early
spring without waiting to till.
Notice the volunteer red snapdragons, blue bachelor buttons, and giant sunflower in the photo above.  We love our volunteers!!

from the entrance, facing left
This is one of my perennial beds, supplemented with annuals.
from the entrance, facing right
I usually make fake raised beds every year
using scrap wood we have lying around.
The column and table/chair are new this year.
from the entrance, facing more right
My other perennial bed.  The red roses are
on a mini rose bush from Valentine's Day
last year. 
across the lawn
I love the flowering dogwood and all the honeysuckle.
The hydrangea up front are in bloom.
hanging baskets are nice
Things in the yard will continue to change this summer.  We're getting started on adding a patio this week, and later in the year we will install a fireplace.  The lower kids' lawn will be totally different by summer's end, and we will plant bushes/perennials in the fall to take advantage of the rain.  I'll keep taking pics throughout the summer as those projects progress.

No photos of the auxiliary garden yet.  It's still in progress.  We have tomatoes, dahlias, zinnias, other flowers, and pumpkins/gourds in that one.  I'll try to get out there and snap some photos for you, dad.  :o)  You would be proud, I finally took your advice and used some weed fabric....

For more garden bliss see the posts from my sister Mary, my sister Ericamy brother Joe, and my parents.


  1. Warning: nothing will look the same when you return from your trip!

  2. I AM worried that the weeds will be larger than the plants.... Hannah (neighbor) will be staying at our house and watering while we're gone, so for once the garden will actually GET water everyday, so you're right Aunt will be a jungle I bet!! :o)

    1. Oh yes, not to spoil your enjoy of a wonderful looking garden now. But we have come home from even a week vacation and are amazed at the difference!