Monday, June 23, 2014

Zoo field trip

I've been meaning to take the kids to the zoo this spring, but we were always either too busy or the weather was bad on the days we wanted to go.  So finally last week we squeaked a trip in, on the last day of group school for the Portland area (we were hoping to avoid summer-break crowds, and we did!).
This sign helped to teach my students to stay with me.  ;o)

Run, Seddy!  That lion looks hungry!

Lion family on the rocks.
Waiting patiently for snacks.
As expected, it was a nice little visit.  With so many different ages and stages, we made our mission just to walk through the zoo (and not stop very much).  I also brought the stroller, which I don't often use but was vital for staying together/keeping Sedric safe.  Later this summer I will take only Gemma like I did last year.  It's nice to go at her pace and not feel rushed.  I may also take the older kids, since they like taking photos.

   Another key to our success was having each kid take their own backpack. I was not left holding 5 extra water bottles or bags of snacks, or even jackets and sun hats.  I think teach personal responsibility is important especially with a large family.  Mom can't do everything! 
Pizza Schmizza after the zoo.  Yum!!!

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  1. Zoo trips are always fun, especially when you beat the crowd and the animals actually want to interact back through the glass windows. :)