Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Happy Father's Day, Marcus!

Well, I think the kids and I gave Marcus the PERFECT Father's Day this year....

Marcus got to watch a little sports on TV
(OK, it was just the World Cup, and it was in Spanish so
we couldn't understand it....)
He had a GREAT breakfast
(OK, I didn't cook it....)

(bacon dipped in butter)
(He needed a little caffeine for the day ahead)

Marcus got some golfing in
(OK, it was putt-putt with the kids, and it was
as chaotic as it looks in this photo....)
A little boating time on the lake
What dad doesn't like gaming?
Some time doing outdoor stuff
(OK, so it was cleaning the chicken "coop"....)
Lots of nice cards and presents

A yummy dessert of one of his favorites: carrot cake
with cream cheese frosting

(OK, he did have to grill his own steaks for dinner....)
You are the best!!!

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