Thursday, June 19, 2014

dinner and a movie (...and some bath bombs)

The St. Matthew Youth Group is going on an annual mission trip, this year to Alaska, in July.  As part of a fundraiser, Fr. Peter (who is the mission leader) made dinner and the youth group made a movie titled "Father Peter's Nightmares."  We were so busy that week, and didn't have child care lined up (for the younger ones), so I wasn't sure we would make it.  But...Hannah was able to help us, and the older kids kept pestering me, so...we went.  I'm so glad we did!!  The food was yummy and the movie was FANTASTIC!  Really, I can't believe that teens made such a great production, even if with adult help. 

The movie, which was in old-fashioned silent-movie format, started showing Father Peter at work, multi-tasking as usual on his phone/computer/etc.  A coworker comes in and reminds him that it's time for confession.  After taking the LONG way to the church, he finally makes it, to find one persnickety old lady waiting for him.  Well, she gets out a HUGE binder outlining "This Week's Sins," and Father Peter can't help but fall asleep.  :o) He dreams 4 dreams, and in each sequence the teens played all the characters (including the role of Fr. Peter).  The dreams showed Fr. Peter's real nightmares: chocolate (he hates it!  in the dream, people turned into zombies when they ate chocolate), a pie fight, being a busy movie star, and being lost in Alaska.  

OMG it was so funny!!!  We had a blast, and the best part (for me) was that the kids got to see a teen-made production that was appropriate and clean.  They knew Fr. Peter was funny but they really got to see him in a new light.  And the beginning pre-movie movie showed the teens talk about their faith and their friends, and what the mission trip means to them.

Non-sequitor...but the next night I got to spend some girl-time with my friends at Sterling's house, making bath bombs.  :o)  That was fun, but the best time was the chatting and gossiping, of course!!!

Lisa hard at work
we mixed in essential oils and food coloring to make
customized bath bombs
Now, we don't exactly have a bath tub in our master bathroom (by choice) but the kids will really enjoy the bombs in ~their~ tubbies!  Except when I brought them home, they all thought I had brought some sort of bite and they knew they were mistaken....  (just kidding!)


  1. When you first said bath bombs, I thought farts in the tub! Ha ha ha ha ha! I kept rereading it as though you were in her tub doing this, and I was like, TMI! LOL And then I finished reading and laughed even harder (at what I thought you meant.) Oh my gosh! So funny!

    That dinner/movie is such a FANTASTIC idea!!!!! My eldest is going on another mission trip this year ( up to KC). This will be her second trip (last year she went to Memphis). At any rate, I'd love to run this idea past the DRE who is in charge of the mission trip this year. I LOVE IT!

    With that said, it is too late to do this year, since they leave in three weeks, but definitely filing it away for next!

    1. LOL!!!!! :o)

      If you want a copy of the DVD (it really was awesome!) I can ask for one, and/or I can give you some contacts to learn about the mechanics of production.

      :o) Becky