Monday, August 4, 2014

Camp Howard drop-off

After we settled in back at home from our Michigan trip, Bunny and James left again!  This time it was to Camp Howard with the cousins.  Bunny went (alone) last year to this week-long Catholic summer camp, and this year she was joined by James as well as Aidan, Lukie, and Eliot.  We drove into Portland on a Sunday for the drop-off:

A whole lotta kids--4 busses worth.

Once they were settled on the bus, it was time for an early dinner.  :o)  We had Meghan and Sophs with us in the van, and we headed off to Pacific Pie Co (yummmm!) for dinner and dessert.  I ordered an Indian pastie and Marcus got a meat pot pie.  

Just the girls--grammae watched Seds for us.
Just for fun we thought we'd see Shane at work.  He was with customers!  We got to see him in action.  :o)  I had to be stealthy when trying to snap a picture:

Shane is just to the left of the orange cone.
It was a little sad to see Bunny and James go, but not too sad.  I only say that because I knew they would have a TON of fun and neither was apprehensive about going.  And they did have fun!  They came back tired but talkative (you know Bunny) and they had a ton of stories.  Thanks to everyone who gave them mail and nice care packages.  :o)  They (and their cousins) got the most mail by far!  I think that made them feel special.  I had a lot of smelly laundry to do when they returned the next weekend but it was all worth it.

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