Thursday, August 21, 2014

little hiccups

Lots of little hiccups going on here…

The best little hiccups are going on in my belly!  I am now about 31 weeks pregnant, just a few months to go.  The baby is kicking and squirming and having a great time in there. I'm loving every minute of it.

But there are other little hiccups, the little bumps in the road of life, that have kept me from blogging.  First and foremost, I was without a computer for a week.  Our Mac's hard drive stopped working and so we had to send the computer in for a little "spa weekend" to get a new hard drive installed.  The bad news is we lost about 8 or 9 months of photos and data.  The good news is we think we found a company that can retrieve it all.  The bad news is it will be $$$.

We now have the Mac back, but with none of my updated 2014 school files.  So I will just wing it for this first week of school (next week).

Another little hiccup is a good one: Marcus was promoted to his manager's position.  This was sudden and exciting for a lot of reasons…but also brought on some extra work that was unexpected and a little ill-timed since we were prepping for our annual camping trip when this all happened.  However, I will not look a gift horse in the mouth and will just be VERY grateful for this awesome opportunity for Marcus to try out the executive ranks as a Vice President overseeing all of North America for his company's Customer Success team.

So then we went camping, which was a blast.  I wish I could upload pics, but…we'll wait for the old hard drive to come back (which also has my most recent filing system) for that.

However…on the camping trip we found out that Marcus' grandmother had died somewhat unexpectedly (to us).  So this was a sad time for us, and there were a lot of mixed emotions since we were also having fun camping with our family and friends.

More hiccups at home: This past week was supposed to be devoted to my school prep but instead was filled with an emergency dental visit (Gemma), trip to the tire repair shop, family events surrounding Grandma's funeral, and some pre-scheduled commitments.  So, whew, I'm looking forward to the time when my breathing will be more regular.  Figuratively and literally. 

These coming weeks will be both a flurry of activity AND a welcome relief of some structure back to our lives.  We will start school, ready or not, on Monday.  We still have some summer fun planned in the afternoons, and some more commitments, but as September comes in we will settle to a more regular routine.  That is, until the baby comes!  Then the schedule will go out the window and you will find me in bed cuddling with my new little one….


  1. I've found that life's journey is not often a straight line. You are doing well to leap the obstacles. Keep it up!

  2. Well, first, I'm happy that your pregnancy is coming along splendidly!! Praise God! The other hiccups...(or speed bumps)...hang in there. It's a chapter in life that I do not like when it falls on us :)